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Info about the PTV upholstery work shop est.1987

The staff at PTV is experienced and well-educated. We are happy to answer all your questions concerning furniture. In order to give you a calculation/quote of the costs, a photo of the object would come in handy. Please send it by email to:  or pay us a visit.

PTV is a member of the Swedish Association of Master Upholsterers and take part of third party liability insurance.

Would you like us to re-cover your 18th century chair? Let the materials and techniques match the corresponding epoch! For furniture of the 18th and 19th century we always recommend natural materials such as straw, horse hair and linen.

But PTV:s main speciality are; Exclusive 20th century Scandinavian furniture. We have for example developed a special method renovating furniture like Arne Jacobsen's armchairs the Egg and the Swan.

For an offert, please contact: 

We also deliver spareparts & confection from several skandinavian brands,  such as cushion-kits, lose covers, armrests, bases, webbing etc.

We have the Danish Fagas rubber straps in stock, in all eleven various sizes for immediate delivery.

Theatres, Churchs, Castles, Chapels and parish homes often engage PTV for renovating old or producing new pieces of furniture. These projects involve all kinds of craftsmen as carpenters, painters, taxidermists, architects along with constructors and property holders.

We produce and renovate interior decoration and furniture for shops, bars, hotels and restaurants - either our own design or by order of carpenters, decorators, stylists, architects or constructors.

In the Gothenburg area you will find PTV works at restaurants and other like Hello Monkey, Fond, SK Mat & Människor, Condeco, Evas Paley, A Hereford Beefsteouw, NCC, Skanska, Les Croissant 421, SAS Radisson, Hotel Avalon, Grand Hotel Borås, Temple Bar, NK-Sport etc.

In Stockholm during fall 2015 we produced the furniture at Restaurant Hillenberg by assignment from Okidoki Architects for the Stureplan Group


The car industry is one of our major principals. 1998-2003 PTV took part in the project of developing front seat chairs and back seat for the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan model, along with details for the cabriolet and combi models.

We also take assigments for renovation of seats for vintage cars-buses-motorcycles