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If you would like to purchase Fagas straps in person, please visit our shop in Gothenburg, Sweden. PTV has all available lengths in stock.

Fagas is a patented Danish elastic rubber webbing strap with molded in metal clips which are angled 30 degrees inwards and available in eleven standard lengths (A) from 325 to 560 mm. The distance B should be from 358 till 672 mm, or 14,09 to 26,45 inches between the slots on your furniture.

Provide us with the measurement of distance B and we will help you sort out the perfect length (A) for your new Fagas straps.

You find the Fagas straps mostly in vintage furniture from 1950-1990 designed by Hans Wegner, Ib Kofod Larsen, Illum Wickelsö, Folke Ohlsson, Poul Jensen etc. and from producers such as: DUX, OPE-möbler, Bröderna Andersson, IKEA, Bodafors Moderna Möbler, JOC, Zelig, Getama and more.

If you prefer to purchase on-line in webshop and have your order sent to you, please use this link to

If you are situated in North America,we suggest you purchase directly through the US-retailer Malefors Vintage Imports in Phoenix, AZ on this link  due to much faster deliverys than ordering from Europe, also lowershipment costs for you within North America